Rock & Metal radio application free

Listen your favorite Rock and Metal music!


Easy to use radio player application with the best online rock and metal music stations!
The simplest and most reliable way to listen to your favorite rock and metal stations!

100% hard and quality music from around the world!

✅ List best and killer radio stations
✅ Create favorites list from radios
✅ Display CD covers while playing
✅ Display nice visual effect while playing
✅ New radios stations number growing day by day
✅ Select from 3 theme design
✅ Option to keep mobile screen alive while playing
✅ Click on song title and share what's you listening with your friends
✅ Swipe to refresh function
✅ Animations

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Note: our application requires an Internet connection and depends on the radio broadcast, some radio stations can be temporarily unavailable.

Listen your favorite Rock and Metal music on your phone with this radio application!